We pride ourselves in our proprietary on-demand manufacturing model and personalisation engine. We imagine a future without over-production and environmentally devastating waste. With each garment produced based on the orders received not only allows us to minimise consumption of resources and fabric waste, it can also help with the elimination of overproduction, excessive manufacturing and wasted manpower.


‘Good Designs are sustainable designs’ -Imran Ahmed
The very DNA of ZORA lies within our capability to design quality pieces that are artistic, timeless and versatile in hopes to last not only multiple wears, but many lives.

Reducing Carbon footprint

Anticipate a little surprise from us with a seed card disguised as a ‘Thank You’ note as part of our packaging. Ideally, planting and germinating the seed card helps offset some of the carbon footprints created throughout the transiting journey of your package. 

Human Rights

While we are aware that the violation of human rights and the exploitation of workers have been prevalent in the industry, our workers in our workshop are paid above average wages. Each of them are backed with excellent work experiences. Our production team is conceited of their efforts and we go out of our way to stay in touch with the mental and emotional health of our workers, making sure that they are not only justly paid, but are happy and at peace with the work environment where they are placed.


The initiative is taken with the dream of repurposing and reusing our materials. After all, what else can you actually do with a hang-tag? That said, keep your hang tags in a safe space until you have all 10 of them. Ship it back to us and redeem a dress for FREE.

Closing the Loop

Engage in this initiative by selling the garments back to us in ZORA after 1 to 2 years. That way, you will earn a store credit for your next purchase. The amount of store credit depends on the condition of the garment. We are thrilled to create a resale market for the pre-loved garments.