What makes ZORA unique as a brand is our ability to reorganise our supply chain through sourcing, manufacturing and distribution standards. Providing our proprietary demand-driven production with each garment produced based on the orders received does not only allows us to minimise consumption of resources and fabric waste, this consequently helps eliminate overproduction, excessive manufacturing and wasted manpower that is common among other brands
“The Environmental Protection Agency warns that because of overproduction in the fashion industry, 12.8 million tons of clothing go to landfills every year(1). To encourage and keep up with all of that overproduction, rising competition, growing demand for clothing, and a distorted sense of value in customers, the fashion industry uses 98 million tons of natural resources and produces 92 million tons of solid waste every year(2)… Overall, there are a lot of ecological, sociological, and environmental implications going hand in hand with overproduction in the fashion sector. All of them make one thing is clear: there is an urgent need for change."  -  The Sustainability Club 2020
At ZORA, we uphold high quality standards in our Production and Quality Control Process. We do our best to ensure good workmanship and finishing, with neat and strong stitches to avoid seam slippage, making sure our garments are made to be durable.
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