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Inspired by you and fueled by the feminine interest towards style in this evergrowing industry. Zora Designers offers highly customizable clothing that prioritizes function, comfort, and design. But most importantly, personalisation. So that you, can be your OWN DESIGNER.


Since April 2019, Zora has provided services to various brands and luxury brands, big and small with OEM manufacturing and Fashion Pack services . Some of these brands have even supplied to well known retailers such as Isetan, Harrods and Farfetch. Drawing from decades of expertise in manufacturing, we are pleased to introduce Silhouette by ZORA©️, that allows deep customization at scale. Silhouette by ZORA©️ is a new way to shop- a democratised and low-waste fashion experience offered to anyone, giving them an opportunity to decide what goes into and onto their garments. 

Our story
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With Zora Designers, we encourage you to be your own designer. Make your own style into reality. And we want to create a world for shoppers to shop without any concerns. Since the dawn of online shopping, the same concern has never left. And we're here to close that gap.


It all started with a dream of changing how people make and shop for clothes. ZORA has a vision to reimagine the way the world thinks about fashion by acting as a purveyor of democratised, zero-waste clothing. We imagine a future without over-production and environmentally devastating waste. We do so by adopting sustainable practices, such as leveraging on our proprietary demand-driven production, cultivating a circular take-back initiative, and employing green packaging for our products. We believe creativity in fashion does not need to come at a cost. ZORA invents, inspires and gives back. Join us in this movement to change the world of fashion today. #FASHIONCONSCIENCE