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Sustainable fashion is a growing movement towards environmental and social sustainability with the goal of creating a system that can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. But why do we care?

Here’s why:

  • 12.8 million tons of clothingis sent to landfills annuallySource: Environmental Protection Agency
  • 92 million tons of solid waste each yearis produced by the fashion industry using 98 million tons of natural resources.Source: Greenpeace
  • 1.2 billion tons annuallyis the total greenhouse gas emissions from textile production. This is more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined.Source: Anew of textile economy
  • 7,000 litres of wateris needed to produce one pair of jeans. An average person drinks that much in about six years. The industry produces 2 billion pairs of jeans every year.Source: Greenpeace
  • 102 million tonswill reach the global apparel production in 2030 if the population and economy rise as expected. It has doubled in the past 15 years and now makes up 62 million tons.Source: A new of textile economy aspire to be a pioneer in sustainable fashion by attaining the following goals:

  • No waste, Make-To-Order Manufacturing
  • Just-In-Time Lean Production
  • Usage of Reclaimed Fabric
  • Usage of Eco-Friendly Material
  • Reducing Textile Waste By Supporting Small Labels & Brands


By purchasing from, you are:

  • Making a change in our environmental world while
  • Encouraging the spurring of creativity in the fashion industry,
  • Purchasing at Wholesale prices (as compared to the suggested retail price [SRP], that means the average industry marker price)

Thank you for reading, Happy Shopping !

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